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Weird Facts . info
Welcome to Here you will find strange, true facts on life, animals, science, math, the human body, historic facts, trivia facts and a whole lot of cool stuff about where belly button fluff comes from and why it has shaped civilisation. So put your brain into disbelief and get clicking through our amazingly fantastic fun facts - Enjoy!!

Bizarre facts of the week:


 Googolplex is 10 to the power of googol zeros
(ex. 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 100)
Centillion has 303 zeros
(except in Britain, where it has 600 zeros)
Googol has 100 zeros.
Vigintillion has 63 zeros
Novemdecillion has 60 zeros
Octodecillion has 57 zeros
Septendecillion has 54 zeros
Sexdecillion has 51 zeros
Quindecillion has 48 zeros
Quattuordecillion has 45 zeros
Tredecillion has 42 zeros
Duodecillion has 39 zeros
Undecillion has 36 zeros
Decillion has 33 zeros
Nonillion has 30 zeros
Octillion has 27 zeros
Septillion has 24 zeros
Sextillion has 21 zeros
Quintillion has 18 zeros
Quadrillion has 15 zeros
Trillion has 12 zeros
Billion has 9 zeros
Million has 6 zeros


There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.

There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia.

There are only three cities that are named exactly after the state they are located in: Maine, ME; New York, NY; and Wyoming, WY.

There is a city called Rome on every continent.

There is a town in Texas called 'Ding Dong.'

There is about 200 times more gold in the world’s oceans, than has been mined in our entire history.

 Random Facts

Quirky Facts
Pain travels through your body at 350 ft. per second.

Law Facts
Japan Laws Women are legally obliged to wear bra's in buildings with air conditioning. Because men get too aroused looking at their hard nipples.

Geography Facts
Panama hats come from Ecuador not Panama.

Food Facts
Of the more than $50 billion worth of diet products sold every year, almost $20 billion are spent on imitation fats and sugar substitutes.

Literary Facts
The word 'biology' was coined in 1805 by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

Human Facts
You are about 1 centimetre taller in the morning than in the evening!

Geography Facts
In the Andes, time is often measured by how long it takes to smoke a cigarette.

Religious Facts
There are more than 1,700 references to gems and precious stones in the King James translation of the Bible.

Food Facts
Nachos is the food most craved by pregnant women.

Math Facts
If you counted 24 hours a day, it would take 31,688 years to reach one trillion!

Fun Facts
The first time the word 'hell' was spoken on TV was in an original 'STAR TREK' episode entitled 'City on the Edge of Forever'. The exact quote was '...let's get the hell out of here...', spoken by William Shatner.

Fun Facts
About 30% of consumers use their credit card as their main means of buying Christmas goodies, 70% do not save to buy Christmas gifts and 86% of consumers do their Christmas shopping during December.

Geography Facts
Roughly a quarter of the world's people live in China.

UK Facts
The United kingdom eats more cans of baked beans than the rest of the world combined.

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